Network Tap

What is a Network Tap

A network tap is an external device that creates a “copy” of the traffic for use by various monitoring devices. It allows port mirroring. The traffic on the network is unaffected by the act of monitoring or port mirroring. Because the monitoring is performed by a device external to the network, on a copy of the traffic, this deployment is often referred to as ‘out of band’. Taps can be Active or Passive.

Niagara Network Taps

Niagara Networks offers passive or active taps. A wide range of connectors and fibre types are supported.

Active Taps

Are based on an active switching configuration for generating a “copy” of the traffic. “Copy” traffic is regenerated and there is no loss of signal power. In the case of power failure, “copied” traffic may be lost, but network traffic flows uninterrupted.

Passive Taps

Are based on optical coupler (splitter) so that the tapped network point and appliance are always connected. Passive taps don’t need a power supply in order for them to work!

Active Taps

These monitoring/tap ports provide a fixed tap configuration. N1(Rx) is connected to T1, N2(Rx) is connected to T2.

In case of power failure, while the network traffic flow is maintained, the integrated active tap point loses its visibility.

Passive Taps

These monitoring/tap ports also provide a fixed tap configuration. N1(Tx) is connected to monitoring port M1, N2(Tx) is connected to monitoring port M2.

In case of power failure, the monitoring/tap ports’ traffic flow is maintained, since they are directly connected to the corresponding network ports via passive splitters.

Products Offering Tap Functionality

Product Name Port Density Module Width Data Rates Features
 3225 Passive Tap – Mix and match SM and MM modules Passive Tap – Supports a wide range of network/monitor split ratios
LC links SM Up to 25 LC links SM (LR4/LR/LX) Single slot 100Gb, 40Gb, 10Gb, 1Gb
LC links MM Up to 25 LC links MM (SX/SR) Single slot 10Gb/1Gb
LC MM BiDi Up to 12 LC links MM (BiDi) Double slot 40Gb/10Gb
MPO MM Up to 12 MPO links MM (SR4) Double slot 100Gb/40Gb
Active Taps See Niagara’s Bypass products All Bypass products are user configurable as Active Taps