Network Bypass

What is a Network Bypass Switch

A Network Bypass Switch is a hardware device, which provides failover or fail-safe capabilities for an inline networking appliance or a network security tool (such as a firewall or an intrusion prevention system). If the appliance fails, its traffic is automatically bypassed, ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow on the network.

Bypass² – Niagara Network Bypass

The BypassP² product line encompasses all of Niagara’s Bypass Switches. Our signature BypassP² offers double-protection bypass technology. A failsafe optical/copper relay on network ports, and user-configurable heartbeat-generated packets on appliance ports. BypassP² is available in multiple bypass segment options, supporting a range of network interfaces up to 100Gb. Each BypassP² segment comprises two network ports and two appliance ports.

All products based on BypassP² can be user-configured as active taps as well.

Understanding Bypass


Failsafe Protection

Protecting network traffic flow in case of BypassP² failure.

When power fails, the optical-relays in the bypass switch ensure that the network flow continues uninterrupted. The optical relays can be configured fail open or fail close to meet specific deployment needs.

This ensures uninterrupted network services under all conditions.

Heartbeat Protection

Protecting network traffic flow in case of appliance failures.

The BypassP2 transmits a user-configurable heartbeat on the appliance ports. In the event of an appliance malfunction (such as a software crash, system failure or loss of power), the failure is detected, and the BypassP2 bypasses the traffic intended for the inline appliance to the network ports, allowing it to continue to flow through the network link. This feature also enables the network appliances or network security tools to be removed and replaced without network downtime. Once the system is backed up, or the power is restored to the appliance, it is detected by the BypassP2 heartbeat mechanism, and network traffic is seamlessly diverted back to the inline device, allowing it to resume its critical functions.

Products Offering Bypass Functionality

Product Name 100Gbps ports 40Gbp 1/10 Gbp Features
 2299 4 links of 1Gb in 4 Single Segment modules Wide selection of segment modules.

Network ports: SX, LX, 1000Base-T (RJ45)

Appliance ports: SX, LX, 1000Base-T (RJ45)

 3299 6 links of 1Gb in 3 Dual Segment modules Aggregation ports 4 x 10Gb (pluggable transceiver)

Network ports (per dual segment module): SX, LX, 1000Base-T (RJ45)

Appliance ports: Pluggable Transceiver (SFP), RJ45 (in case Network port is RJ45)

 3299 TT 2 links of 1Gb 1000Base-T fixed dual segment Table Top
 2814 2 links of 1/10Gb in 2 Single Segment modules
 2818 4 links of 1/10Gb in 4 Single Segment modules Additional 8 fixed configuration active or passive monitoring ports
 2825 2 links (max) Single Segment double bay module 4 links (max) Single Segment single bay module 8 links (max) Dual Segment single bay module Factory configured, multi-rate, multi segment selection Supporting 4 bays. Mix and match modules Network ports: LR4, SR4, LR, SR, SX, LX, BiDi Appliance ports: Pluggable Transceivers