Next-Generation Network Visibility

Niagara Packet Brokers

Whether it’s ultimate flexibility and purchase-as-you-grow, or port density and optimized throughput, Niagara Network’s Modular and Fixed-Configuration Network Packet Brokers are up to the task. With your needs in mind, we have developed our NextGen Network Packet Broker to cover TAP, Bypass and NPB functionality.

Network TAPs

Having the ability to monitor traffic at critical points is one of the most important tools in your network security toolkit. Niagara Networks builds Active and Passive network TAPs with a wide variety of configuration options to fit any need. Niagara2845, Niagara2847, Niagara3225PT

Advanced Packet Management

Niagara Networks offers special appliances with complimentary function such as time stamping, packet de-duplication & packet slicing. Niagara 5002-8 supports eight 10Gb ports with several key features to help improve the security of your network and ensure your information remains private. See table below and product Data Sheets for additional information. Niagara50028, Niagara5002-8

Other Devices

Products listed on this page were developed by our parent company, Interface Masters Technologies, Inc. and are now sold under the Niagara Networks brand. All of these products are fully supported and have been successfully deployed at hundreds of customer sites.